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Building Signage



Signage is a very important part of human life. Humans need to know where they are, where they are going to and most importantly what are they paying for. There is always an issue of recognition. Today many buildings wear their names on them. It’s a sign of identification. Also, it shows the seriousness of the company. When you go to a pharmacy for example what catches your eyes immediately is the name of that pharmacy. Before anything else, that is what you see. Names and titles on building signage are presented in different ways.

Building signage helps you know where you are. By the first presentation you can figure out what they do in that company, what services they are providing to the public. And this goes far beyond the aesthetic view of the signage. Yes, it looks nice and pretty attractive, but there is much more. The signage helps you know the people you are dealing with. Your mind is then set on who they are. You thus have a clear perception on what the company is all about. You therefore have a knowledge on which group the company does belong. Hence, a building signage is the first contact between you and the firm.

How they differ

There are many types of building signage depending on the type of building and also on what it has been made for. For instance, if you are going to buy some technology devices, you would certainly go to one of the technology centers in your city where for example you have a technology signage or logo. You will not go to a pharmacy or a coffee shop. Besides, building signage is also there to guide you find your way out. On what floor you are? Where is the president office, which corridor leads to the nursery or the doctor office? These are some information that you can find on it. Plus, they can be used to ascertain someone or a family property.

In spite of all that differences due to their uses, they greatly vary on how they are made. The characters that are taken to build up the name of the company, the way those characters are fixed on the walls, the colors, all are ways in which building signage differ. The main purpose is to show what the building accounts for.