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Vehicle Signage

Having completed projects for many companies in Auckland, Prime Signs are experienced professionals in Truck Signage, Cars and Vehicle Signage and specialists in Fleet Signage. Providing professional and reliable service, all of our jobs are guaranteed the delivery of a superior product.


We can turn one car or an entire fleet into your best possible source for up to date advertising. Vehicle graphics are an investment, creating a strong statement and expanding your business.

Fleet branding is an exciting and innovative way of creating an impact and are eye catching marketing channels, reaching millions of potential customers.

We provide professional Vehicle Wraps

The art of wrapping a vehicle in vinyl is an intricate process that only a handful of sign artists and experienced people can manage. Diverse Sign Studios always have a lot of pride for the jobs we have completed and plan on providing many more companies the highest in quality vehicle signage.

Why a Vehicle Signage?

Potential - The possibilities for advertising are remarkable. Achieve a professional display of your business that nobody will miss as you drive past your potential clientele.

Quality - Long lasting signage is our service to you. Don't waste money on cheap vehicle wraps; get it done properly and professionally so you don't have to have it done again in a year's time.

Removable - Vehicle signage is 100% removable. If you want to update your vehicle, or sell it; Prime Signs is is the perfect option, we provide removal of vinyl too!

Advertise - Your vehicle will become a Portable billboard, quite literally. There is no better way to advertise.

Fleet Signage - Nothing looks better than a fleet full of matching vehicles. Prime Signs have the expertise to wrap 1 to 100 vehicles.

Have you heard of see through window graphics?

Ask us about see-through window graphics. Perfect visibility, and top quality application every time.

We apply a dot-media graphic of your choice to any windows on your vehicle. This allows for advertising on every part of your vehicle, and most importantly keeps driving safe for you.