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Sandwich Boards

Footpath signs, Sandwich board signs or A Frames as they are offend referred to are an effective, affordable way to attract customers into your business. We supply a range of shapes, sizes and materials including wood, Aluminium panels.

What is a A frame sandwich board, an A frame is two frames hinged at the top, when the bottom opens out it forms a A shape. We supply two types of these,

1st is a corflute insertable frame, this frame allows you to change corflute sign very quickly and easily.

2nd , Frame has solid panels which we apply graphics or digital prints to. The three size that are available are 900mm x 600mm wide, 1200 x 800mm wide and for industrial areas 1800 x 1200mm wide.

Our biggest seller by far is a aluminum blade with solid rubber base, These blades do not warp or twist under the sun like plastic blades do, combine this with our solid rubber base that you can drive a car over then you have a strong and durable system.

We still sell water filled foot path bases in six different with colour options but have found they can leak after a while. Because we keep up to date with council bylaws, we can also advise you on the sizes and types of signs you can put up outside your business. The standard size sandwich board is 600mm wide by 800mm high which meets all the regulations.

Generally the foot path sandwich board signs are covered with digital prints which are produced in house so we can offer our customers a speedy and fast turnaround time.

For those customer who would like chalk board sandwich board signs we simply cover the panel with a black board vinyl which last and cleans a lot better than painted boards.

With our router and digital printing in house we can offer our customers custom cut to custom shape sandwich board blades which will help your business stand out from the crowd.

The foot path sandwich board signs that are the most effective a simple logo and message with bright colour to get your attention. We can design or you can provide use with your design saved as a PDF file